Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup
We're at the end of the Legion's invasion, Sargeras was imprisoned by the Pantheon but not before he managed to mortally wound Azeroth's world-soul in Silithus. As the Alliance and Horde began to fight over her blood as a powerful resource, Khadgar instead returned to Karazhan to confer with Medivh. He hoped that somewhere in Medivh's ancient tomes there was an answer on how to heal the world.

As we're catching a break and heading towards the last PvP season for this expansion, we decided to break through the ingame restrictions and allow the rise of new heroes in <The Brotherhood of Steel>

This means CHANGES! We'll first migrate all our alts to a shadow clone Brotherhood of Steel, which will be in direct contact and communication with the original Brotherhood of Steel, via this addon: Greenwall 
There's no setup needed, just have the addon and be in one of the two guilds :) both officer chat and guild chat will be bridged.

You might wanna disabled tags by runing this command  /greenwall tag off

Please make sure you set your main names note once you arrive in the shadow clone guild :)

The Second step, will imply the removal of all the inactive heroes that have surpassed a year of inactivity (1 Year). The only few that will remain will be the guild founder heroes, as a sign of respect.

During Legion we activated the G-1, G-2, G-3 raiding protocols, which lead to an amazing new fronteer in gaming for The Brotherhood of Steel. I'd like to thank everyone that was part of these three raiding groups, congratulate them for their achievements and for creating some amazing teams. I hope everyone had fun throughout our journey in this Expansion. 
For the Future, we've decided to mostly focus on having two Raiding team groups, one dedicated and focused on Teamwork and constant Progress. And one casual, oriented on simply reaching Ahead of the Curve and having fun in the process. As Battle for Azeroth is to begin, these teams will define their leaders and also choose a Title. Recruitment will happen for the Team name, with a clear goal set presented for any newcomers.

What lays ahead are new challenges, new adventures, and an unknown world, beneath Azeroth, that we'll discover as we start exploring the remaining Islands on the Far Seas.

Have fun in this last chapter of Legion, as we've returned home now and we're Healing and Reorganizing and becoming Better. 

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