Shadow of Argus - 7.3 Patch

Patch 7.3 is live August 29th US, August 30th EU.

The Argus story and content will be staggered for several weeks. 

  • Week 1: Krokuun and Antoran Wastes zone. New reputations, emissaries, Argunite gear, profession quests. Artifact Knowledge 41.

  • Week 2: Finish up Krokuun and early quests in Mac'Aree, Invasions

  • Week 3: Final Mac'Aree quests, Dungeon, Netherlight Crucible.

Pre-Patch Events

Leading up to Patch 7.3, several things have changed on Azeroth:

  • Doomsayers have arrived in Dalaran and Argus is visible in the sky to all players.

  • Magni Bronzebeard Scenario - Whispers of a Frightened World

Here's the story of Alleria and Turalion, after the events in Warcraft II

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