The warmest welcome to G3

Haven't written anything for a while.

Life just has a way of wrapping you up in a tangled line and you need to free yourself now and then to gather your thoughts. It's been a bit more than a month now since I befriended and welcomed an amazing group of people into The Brotherhood.
It all started with me thinking about giving a shot to Grekkun, Aenivan and the remaining core players of G2 that deserved a shot at raiding mythic. Life has its beauty also, it might have been chance or a guided invisible force, that lead me to <Recovered deleted> and a few other great men, but it turned out so that in a time of need, we all found each other.


Little did I know that the exact guys I formed the team for, would end up vanishing in the Nether.

And yet, something beautiful happened.  G3 was formed.  If you haven't met them you should, they're great people.

Originally lead by Kaedir, Novaski and Zionnra, these guys became our second Mythic raid group, an important part of The Brotherhood. 

Their story continues, as after clearing Mythic Nythendra - new leaders arose, while others had to step down and vanish among the legends of the past.

The mysterious Voodoohex, a battle scared tactician steped up to navigate the group through perilous encounters

while the friendly Razzershock offered to coordinate invites and insure the Calendar events happen, sadly not for long as he was kiddnapped by Alliance and is now prisoner on a Draenei space ship awaiting to be rescued.

Their true story is just begining. For now, they are our brothers and sisters and we welcome them. Ish-ne-alo por-ah!

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