Your focus determines your reality

What's driving people, what motivates them to do what they do?  In my journeys through the gaming world I've met a lot of adventurers. And I've seen all the array of human behaviour from kind, compassionate friendly souls to prideful, cunning and even venomous ones. Wondering  what builds people to manifest this way I came to conclusion its their passions. Passions are the results of doing what you love and what you're great at.

Now if you're not familiar with MMOs, especially WarCraft, they create an enviroment that begins with your progressing through the basic story line, you're introduced to an entire Universe that has its major problems, looming doom threats and plots that need to be twarted. Once you become involved, you start loving the content, and you're faced with "THE CHALLENGE".  Now the challenge comes in many forms, be it Player versus Player content where you need to master your class and be able to team work with a group of other players to excel at various objectives, all while earning rating.  Or, be it Player versus Encounters (Evilbosses if you ask me), where you need to master your class and be able to team work with a larger group of other players to excel at defeating Boss Encounters that have exact special mechanics, that need to be learned and played out.  From over all practice and experience, you become good at playing your class, the more you play,  the greater you are at it.

You can easily see how a passion its formed.

Once you reached your maximum level, at one point story content becomes locked, besides some repetitive missions that give a vague feeling of engaging an enemy force, the ONLY way to proceed forward to the Chapter's conclusions is to clear the respective PvE Tier. And now that you're passionated about it you will proceed to do so.  But MMOs are designed to keep players busy for a long period of time, and unlike normal games where you could complete even the most complex story plot within a week here you will deal with a steady progress that requires not just your skill and effort but that of others. 

For this you can find guilds, guilds are communities where friendly gamers band up togheter to co-operate in various activities, be it end game completion, being friendly and helpful to members or simple socializing fun.

But do you truely need a Guild ? This is a valid question. In this moment, you can join premade groups and manage to clear the content challenges faster than a guild group could. Difference would be a guild will try to coordinate, and program a certain schedule for PvE also known as raid encounters, and if you follow this path, you end up at the conclusion this will be very similar to a job. Fixed meeting times, tight schedule, fixed objectives and the payout: GEAR and progress.  Combined with a misguided idea that you're doing this for the betterment of menkind, some transform this in full on purpouse. There is a limitation to Mythical raiding indeed, but is this truely necessary, on high populated realms gamers pug Mythics as well.

In reality MMO's are meant to be savioured, explored, enjoyed in the company of friends. Progress will come, in its right time. 

Yet the overall community of gamers rush through it, and soon they will begin to complain that its not enough. You could wonder why this happens, but its easy to spot that some want to be the best of the best and jump at the opportunity to get the first advantage and use it: which is Gear (Equipment).  In time gear becomes easier and easier to obtain, allowing anyone to have it. So to maximize its value, the competitive instinct is to press on, press hard obtain even better items, items that will be nearly impossible to reach until the next tier of content.

We're not even one week into the 6.2 content patch and I already see guilds breaking through content, clearing heroics, starting progress through mythics.

Yet in this race, I will see them press one months later, doing the same thing that they do, desperately trying to reach the top:  Being the best.
But to what purpouse?  I wonder. The games design is to be completed and enjoyed, being best of the best will not make you more popular, nor will it reward you a real prize. A small % in the world, are payed with real money for various marketing reasons and they are in the top already for them this is an e-sport, while the rest, most of these contenders will never be known or rewarded for their achivements. To be fair, their only reward will be a feeling of self worth, I just HOPE they use the same fire and passion in their life, for something useful :)

In all honesty the top players in the world do this from vocation or as a profession, why would anyone in their sane mind push their limits to become better than that, while in a game. Games are supposed to be fun, and they exist cause of their storyline.

For example, without doing the weekly quests chains that explain how each boss villan appears inside the Hellfire Citadel, fighting them already will be like jumping 20 minutes ahead on a newly launched movie, missing out key elements from the plot. Making it feel badly designed,  ending up with a poor oppinion on the quality of the game. I keep saying everything in life needs to be saviored like a fine wine. I think there's some wisdom in it :)

Now the sad side effect I noticed, that happens to some  that don't reach the top, but made their life's purpouse to get there ( as not everyone will reach it ) and it is where the game creates a heavy blow to the human psyche: Not being able to cope with failure, those gamers become bitter and start to lash out, manifesting in dishonorable acts of duchebagery, picking on less skilled gamers, bolsting bravada, just to elevate their sense of superiority thinking what they do is above more important things in the real world.

Others isolate themselves, ignore and unfriend, act irationally, trying to find and perfect better methods of reaching the top - they start to think they are better than the rest, and their once friends are not worth their presence. Eventually these guys end up banding togheter with better groups, hardcore groups which then they leave later on repeating the cycle until they find what they are looking for - or give up somwhere on the way.  Its behaviour like this that I've seen in some of the most brilliant minds that i've met and its sad to see them become poisonous, both to their friends and themselves. There's always redemption, but I'd say somethings should not be worth burning bridges for.

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. Who knows?  To quote a friend of mine "all us clever ones tend to be totally bat!@#$ insane".  

Is this human nature? Striving to be the best of the best, only to then ask for admiration, bask in Pride? Perhaps people seek power in the real life in the same way.

Lets hope not, I believe humanity is better, I believe in giving the benefit of a doubt to everyone I met, and always offer a second chance.  I believe there's great potential in everyone, and that we just lack to see whats truely important in life.  If there's potential for better, they will be better. Let things be calm and lake water will become clear. Somethings are not as important as being decent and kind, just like those that care for you, have always been towards you.

In anything you do in life, your focus determines your reality, its like the story of the wise Emperor that was looking for an head advisor for his court, he challenged all that wanted the position to prove themselves by consuming a large bag of salt and just one slice of bread. A lot tried and ended up chocking on salt, some making incredible amazing efforts, but in the end it was a simple man that  said he will be enjoy a little pinch of salt, at each meal, each day, and he will eventually consume it all, along with the bread, that won the advisor title. 

The reality is you are playing a Game, and you should enjoy it,  It has flavours of competition, flavours of friendship, flavours of challenge, but the true value is in the journey you make towards completing your goals, the way you build your character, and the way you reach your goals which should never be put ahead of those in your real Life.  

P.S. By Character i mean yourself as a person.

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