The mysterious island

Strange things happened last night. Besides being woken up by a big giant fluffy gray cat, that i'm supposely babysitting, I started exploring WoW while chatting to a friendly guild mate when something hit my radar.

After running into a rare draenei encounter I've never seen before, I started a walk north east with the goal of reaching Nagrand.

As I was walking through a beach filled with Kurrinax like bugs pattroling it ( if that wasn't earrie enough ) i noticed a small island, south of Gromash (in Nagrand) Realizing I never been there, I started circling it around trying to find an access point.
Now what struck me was the music, it was quite ominous, like an hymn of voices murmuring strong and mysterious as if drawing me to the islands mystery...

After swiming around for a while trying to find a way in,  I realized i can use my engineering Gravity well again ( Blizz messed it up a patch earlier), and hop-hop and away a few moments later i was gliding my way on the new land. ( Funny enough i abandoned my attempt to swim around it a bit to soon, as I could notice a path going up from its eastern shore )

The mystery deepened when I realized there were no NPC's here, yet i ran into a plushy with a murloc pet on it , looking as if it had surprise butt-sehx :))

My mind started wondering if perhaps this was the place for a specific class quest I haven't heard off before, or perhaps the end chain of the pet achievements. As I continued, I located another pet specific item, a bag of pet food laying around, and then surprise! 

A giant egg shell, shattered in two, with an obvious chair in it. 

As I approached, my shock was to find engineering controls in the other side of the shell! 

I have to admit the music was getting to me, but all I could see was an empty island with strange things... So I approached the tree next to me, apparently here was a camp. An axe logged into the tree, a spear resting on it.

Nearby, right behind the tree I found yet another Plushy! this one with a mini tank next to it, that was making some noise.

Still confused, I related my story to my friend, whom kindly asked me to write an article about it. "The mysterious island" ,  I laughed a little, then decided to do it, so I was away a little bit.  Upon my return... just when I  decided  its time to move on, suddently!

I realized the lamp inside the camp, was usable! and BOOM! 

A djin appeared, shouting PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!  & then slowly vanished back to his lamp. Unknown to me, this NPC was created in honor of  Robin Williams and his contribution to humanity ^__^ May the stars shine on his soul, the same warm light he shone on others with his amazing work.  

Uncovering this mystery was an amazing experience afterall and I'm glad I uncovered it, in this strange set of  unforseen circumstances.
Good nighty fellow readers. I'm off ot bed now as the big gray fluffy cat is alseep now.

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