WoW Tier 14, 15, 16

Content through each World of Warcraft expansion has always been delimited by patches, each with its own level of armor tier. Pandaria makes no exception. The basis of the game has always been that gear scales your power, and the more power you have the easier will the content be.

When Pandaria was launched the first level of epics were 476 ilvl, while the original tier 14 set was Raid Finder (483), normal (496) and heroic (509). Strangely the tier  was not obtainable through Moshugan Vaults, which was the intended  introductory raid instance as it only dropped 489 ilvl gear, but you could only get tier pieces by raiding Heart of Fear and the Terrace of Endless springs. ( )

With the launch of Throne of Thunders the gear level scale moved to Raid Finder (502), normal (522), and heroic (535) and for the first time the Thunderforged gear principle was introduced to the game. Thunderforged items had a higher scale (+6) than normal gear pieces with heroic Thunderforged items ranking from 541 ! ( )

There's been a lot of debate whether this gear was better as a start point for Siege of Orgrimar normal, then SoO Flex dificulty level which was introduced as preparation for normal runs, with gear drops of 540. Compared to he Timeless isle which added a wooping 535 ilvl gear which could be obtainable by just anyone willing to spend time on it, the Thunderforged is clearly superior.

Now that I've detailed is levels of gear are present in the game, i need to mention the curent target of most players, and that is the SoO level of gear, and that is tier 16. ( )

Every raiders goal, starting with patch 5.4.0 was to progressively upgrade his gear through these levels, ending up with a 572 ilvl gear, and being the end game challenge.

On the horizon there are rumors of new heroic dungeons and a possible pre-WoD raid, which would add two new mounts in the game and a tier 17 pre expansion gear. It remains to be seen if the rumors are correct.
Meanwhile, I'll let you admire the beautiful crafted tier 16 designs, for each class.

File:Tier 16 Priest Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Rogue Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Shaman Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Mage Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Warrior Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Druid Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Warlock Official Preview.jpg

Death Knight
File:Tier 16 Death Knight Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Monk Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Paladin Official Preview.jpg

File:Tier 16 Hunter Official Preview.jpg

And here's an easter egg, if you've gotten this far

This is the Tier 17 warrior set, as shown by mmo champion

and two videos with the rumored mounts
Warforged Nightmare

Grinning Reaver

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