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If you are playing a mage in wow you are a person who wants to see mobs and warlocks burn/freeze/explode to death giving you the pleasure you are craving after a hard day of work.

Well we have been around and MoP and to tell you the truth i think was the best expansion ever, lots of quests , lot of content , lots of fun. BUT for the mages and their pew pew capabilities was not the best in this expansion.
A lot of spec flavor was lost due to generalization of spells to all specks ,and same talents for all spec's. I remember the young days when as a apprentice fire starter, was running the green (dead) fields of Northren burning mobs and and single target cleave, easy and natural dot spreading , no 1 min self cast for buff, and was more mobile. 

Now, there is a different story , we are multidoters, clicking like crazy on mobs and setting a dot every 12 sec . Our damage is based on altering time and space. And if by chase you get a bit of lag or you don't click the spell just right on trinket procs your damage plummets to under the sea levels.
As a mage the quality of rotation in aoe and single target is hard , not natural , discomforting and to reach HC lvl damage impossible without addons. And i am not talking about quartz casting bar , i am talking about complex tell me when or weak auras addons that need set up and tedious experimenting. 

This is a normal mage UI for 5.4. Well i cant see the mage anymore  frown , You are walking and you'll fall inside a hole in the ground if u don't pay attention.

The good news is that in WoD they will fix us :) Yey . No more multidoting, no more alter time for damage increase , more mobility, and the best no more 1 min evocation. I can tell you that when u start evocating at AH and when u kill 1 mob at your farm because of reflex, things start to get dubious.

Form the alpha patch it seems that the mages gameplay will be much easier and nicer... The new lvl 100 talents and the new 75 aoe talents seem pretty solid. 
I will paste some alpha patch notes that are more important  : 
  • Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, and Frost Bomb are now available to their corresponding specialization only, and share the left Talent slot.
    • Nether Tempest can now only be on 1 target at a time (down from unlimited), but its secondary damage now hits all targets in range (up from only 1), and deals 100% of the primary damage (up from 50%).
    • Living Bomb can once again be applied to multiple targets, can be spread by Inferno Blast, and has a normal 1.5-second cooldown. More of its damage has been moved into its explosion.
    • Frost Bomb has been redesigned. It now lasts 12 seconds, has no cooldown, and explodes every time the target is hit by the Mage's Ice Lance while frozen. The damage per explosion has been reduced by 75% to compensate.

  • Invocation has been removed.
  • Mirror Image is now a level-90 Talent, replacing Invocation.
    • Mirror Images now inherit 50% of the Mage’s Spell Power (up from 5%).
    • Glyph of Mirror Image has been removed and its effects have been incorporated into Mirror Image.
  • Rune of Power no longer replaces Evocation, no longer increases mana regeneration, and now lasts 3 minutes (up from 1 minute).
  • Incanter's Ward has been removed.
  • Incanter's Flow is a new level-90 Talent, replacing Incanter's Ward.
    • Incanter's Flow: Magical energy flows through you, increasing all spell damage done by 5% per stack. While in combat, the magical energy builds up to 5 stacks over 5 seconds and then diminishes down to 1 stack over 5 seconds. This cycle repeats every 10 seconds.

  • Temporal Shield has been removed.
  • Alter Time is now a level-30 Talent, replacing Temporal Shield.
    • Alter Time now lasts for 15 seconds (up from 6 seconds), has a 90-second cooldown (down from 3 minutes), and no longer affects the casting Mage’s mana, buffs, or debuffs.

So mages rejoice, sing and dance in on the burnt corpses of your enemy (warlocks of course) .

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