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This category contains the guild Warlords of Draenor progress and ocasional guild news, it will keep a history of the adventures and acomplishements of the amazing people from The Brotherhood of Steel.

In latest news 13/13 HC

We killed Archi, yup.

Progressing 7/13 HC

Here we are, back to raiding, after a month break where I was away :] and everyone has been slacking.

HC Hellbreach 3/13

It's been 5 weeks since our first breach in the Citadel. Here we are, now, on our first Heroic Raid. Thank you to all that were here.

Our aim was really higher :] but we had some crazy arse off tanks slowing us down.

Missing Vakken and Qlex on the kill shot.  Wishing the best to you guys.

Warcraft combat logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pa6v3B9VR1jNAHcx

Liberators of Draenor 13/13

It took us nearly two months to master all the fight tactics and finally defeat Archimonde.  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zwfCNMmh98V3tkYB

Thank you everyone for persevering and being here. Good luck on our next adventures.

In the end it was just me Klerr and Morkjott, that defeated Archimonde on our raid night. But this ushers a new era - its now time for Heroics!  Will our team regroup?  :] will the enemies of the Draenor prove to be indomitable on that difficulty? Will Qlex ever speak on TS?! Will Troy return to an alien game? Where is Deathswill?  We'll find out all that and more in the following battles. 

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