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This category contains the guild Mists of Pandaria progress and ocasional guild news, it will keep a history of the adventures and acomplishements of the amazing people from The Brotherhood of Steel.

In the dawn of WoD

Some truely amazing bad arse things happend last week: Stormrage and Troy cleared SoO Mythic. 

And with the newly learned knowledge and experience things moved on to a next level.

It all started a while ago with a dedicated bunch , that focused for a full week before the patch and cleared the entire CM array of dungeons.

Thus scorring the first Feat of Strength of our guild. 

This last week the guild managed to sync tactics on Heroic Heart of Fear ^_^ finally navigating through attentuation and launching us on a full clear of the damned thing. 

And the entire adventure ended with the most legendary raid ever, where we one shoted Garrosh with our first 19 man raid, thus ending the Mists of Pandaria chapter.
I'd like to thank all of the amazing members of the Brotherhood of Steel and friends, for the great experience and for being part of this community. You guys are a cool bunch. See you all on Warlords of Draenor!

The crazy stuff that be happenin

As the last days of MoP are passing by, here we are chilling :] while preparing to 6 man Oondasaa.

Of course we almost killed it before he ran away with 16 stacks of 10% extra damage. Cowardly dinosaur! :)) 

When i'm not with the gang, I'm stalking world bosses, and will only swoop in for a kill blow. Seems legit.

Other times I'm just flying with Gallakras, for old times sake.

Overall happy days, with a fun gang. Life is all good :] Did I mention? 

We killed Garrosh.

Almost forgot to mention it. We were just 7 thats true, but it does count as a team effort :}

So now it's on, chill out mode, filled with crazy arse things that we do in our spare time. Here's an army of Alars!

And a giant felhound invading Two moons!

Dont worry, that was actually me in my latest druid form.

So as time passes and the next chapter of this Story is about to unfold, you'll find us around Azeroth fighting the Alliance in battlegrounds or getting ready to advance in heroic mode on all raid dungeons, completing World of Warcraft, while preparing for the next Expansion. See you all cool people out there! Respectfully, Stormragê

Siege of Orgrimmar 3/4 Cleared (normal)


Finally we did it :) after a short 1 month summer break, we did some bad arse progress. Well played commander Troyx. 

Having a new guild Chef  handling banquets helped a lot, thou i think he's overdoing it :} overzealous Alphachicken.

Siegecrafter got fried with ease, I cant believe we one shot him on our first try.

Thou the Klaxxi proved to be a problem...

We managed to defeat them swiftly on our second raid there. 

And now only one challenge awaits: GARROSH!


WoW, Rated Battlegrounds (RBGs)

Say hello to a total bad arse PvP leader: Smûrfen.  In tribute to his hard work, here's a Warlords of Draenor character remodeling preview. Hope you enjoy it bro.

When doing Rated battlegrounds (RBGs) players must know the map layouts, and be prepared for some pretty bad arse military tactics.

Tactical addons are a must, voice communication is vital. Teamwork is priceless.

Put against an experienced team, the enemy simply gives up.

Reaching a 2k+ rating is no easy task. But achievable.

The Best part of RBG gaming has been so far, doing a Deep Gorge perfection on a 1.8k+ rating.

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