War, war never changes

As one conflict ends, another begins. Such is the way of things in The World of Warcraft.

We are victorious Hero! The Legion has crumbled apart. Argus, the demons source of immortality has been destroyed. The dark Titan's fate is now sealed in the Red Star that we'll now keep seeing in the Skies of Azeroth, a fiting prison for Sargeras and a reminder that even Titans can be defeated.

For those unaware, our curent warchief Sylvanas Windrunner has at least two lives left. Due a pact she made with the Valkyr she can be brought back from the ethernal void that the Lich King doomed all its creations to. This means unless she steps out, she's here to stay.
Few know her motives, and the fact that instead of finding peace in the Afterlife she found the Infinite Dark. When jumping off Icecrown Citadel to end her cursed existence, after Arthas was defeated she found herself floating in a dark void, where she knew only terror, cold, hopelessness, fear, and regret. The undead are bound to exist due to necromatic magic, that is linked with the Old Gods, as a side effect, all souls are bound to infinite darkness and tormet once they leave this world. Terrified of what she saw, she made a pact with Helya trying to acquire more Valkyrs and keep heself and the Forsaken here.

Something bad, really bad will happen with Teldrassil and it will lashback against our Horde. The Alliance, as gullible as always will fall trap to the old Gods ploy.

As Battle of Azeroth begins we'll have to face the full might of the Alliance, and survive, no matter the cost.

Do you have what I takes hero ? Will you be prepared ? We need brave souls to Answer the Call of Battle. We need to train in PvP. I invite you hero to become a Spartan in the Brotherhood of Steel. Lets fight and defend Azeroth once again. For the Horde!

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