Progressing through the Eternal Conflict

Each of us has his own chapter of their own story to tell. Here is the story of G2, the legendary Training Grounds of <The Brotherhood of Steel>. A place where some of the friendliest and nicest people  I've met banded togheter and began a new adventure along side a rag tag of raider wannabes. Togheter they've progressed through the perilous dangers of the Broken Shore, they've cleared the heroic Nighthold and stoped Kil'Jaeden in his tracks by clearing the Tomb of Sargeras ahead of the curve. But mostly, they're greatest achivement was breaching the mythic barrieer, surpassing everyone's expectations and becoming heroes of legend.

Well done G2 :] I'm honored to be one of your team members.

None of this could have been done without Mufflegobler, Syris, Fanten, Lunak, Angelitos, Decapitari and Delina :] 

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