Emissaries of Ordos

One of the greatest aspects of the new patch 5.4 is the Timeless Island PvP. By purchasing  a special item (Censer of Eternal Agony a player can become part of  what i would call a 3rd faction that can attack players of both Alliance and Horde. The catch is you can still talk to your own faction but now you will earn Bloody Coins from sacrificing all hostile players to Ordos. The rewards for the coins can be found  here http://www.wowhead.com/currency=789 on Wow Head. These are a great motivator but the bigest challenge is landing the killing blow to earn a coin.  I can confirm if in a party the group wiill not receive any coins for each kill.

One other aspect is the fact that for some reason Death  Knights reward no coins, could it be due their undead factor ? Even thou i haven't tested killing Forsaken ( yet ) i am sure it works on them.

As you will progress through the isle, keep in mind that you are never safe: there are many worshipers of Orods, hidding in the shadows, that will want your blood.

The island is DANGEROUS, you have been warned. 

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