The Purge of the Horde

Even from the beginning, we all knew there were some bad apples within the Horde, be that Magna Grimtotem  within the tauren who poisoned and killed Cairne, be it the evil undeads and demons that infiltrated the Forsaken , be it the orcs who still practiced warlock magic or  were simply blinded to follow the values of the old Horde ( think Garosh), or the greedier than usual goblins who wouldn't think twice if they got a profit out of a job, there might other  factions of Trolls who partialy joined the Horde but had other agendas but mainly the Darkspears have always been on the good side.

As the story unraveled, during the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, these bad weeds have surfaced and took sides against the Horde, against Azeroth and they have been dealt with. So in a way we have witnessed  the cleansing of the Horde towards a faction with a clear purpouse and united through hardships and sacrifces, scared by the battles of the past and ready to join an army of the light :) that will fight against the entire Burning Legion in the near future.

As a gamer, I am glad I was here to see this story unfold, to be somewhat part of it. Blizzard did a great job with the story so far and they truely surprised their fans and audience.
The last chapter that will make the Horde stand as a true united faction will begin tomorrow with the Siege of Orgrimmar.

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