Imagine my surprise

As time passes the complex story plot that Blizzard prepared for us unravels like pages in a book, revealing very intriguing events and plot twists.
So far I have to hand it to them they've done an excelent job at keeping us on our toes, as we progressed in the current expansion. Great work !
I will not reveal more of the plot, and allow everyone to experience the legendary quest line on their own, the above page however will make a nice teaser :)

A month ago we stopped raiding, I believe it was the time for a break, and I'm sure most of our team mates agreed with me. The aftermath however, came unexpected, imagine my surprise when not many Jedi returned after the Easter holidays. This forced us to declare this a vacation and go Free for all on Premage Groups  until 6.2 arrives. Hopefully we'll regroup by then.

As per usual, when there's not much to do,  I tend to focus on World PvP and my bounty hunter business. This time I ran into an old friend, Gloryman. Don't you love it when you explore the World and meet old friends while engaging in intriguing adventures?

All is well when it ends well.  Most of the raiders in Team #1, that are still active managed to complete a kill on the Warlord of Blackrock, thus assuring the Ahead of the Curve raiding checkpoint. Congrats!
Hope to see everyone back in 6.2 Rise of the Legion ! Best regards, Storm.

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