How to Open Raid

This is an article offered as the answer for all those that would really want to get more raids or pvp events done but always lack a team or access to players with similar interests. Open Raid is a player designed solution for realms with a lower population or smaller guilds, with less activity and potential. Sure it can be used by anyone to succesfuly do those anoying hard to do achievements in WoW that you never find a proper group for.

Basically I have made a quick "How to"  use Open Raid. 

Step 1
Go to this website   Here is where all the action happens.

Step 2
You will have to register and login

The process is quite easy, i'm sure anyone can complete it with ease.

Step 3
Once you are logged on go to Chat - > Wow EU Horde

This is a chat channel where players on Horde Side from all over the world, form groups and can chat with each other.
similar to the old days Trade channel, here you will find tens of raids being formed

In the same manner, the PvP channel is used to broadcast 5vs5 arena games or rated battleground events and other similar stuff.

Step 4
Once you noticed an event you like, you can either /w (whisper) the event leader and give him your Battle Tag id ( Player#2252 )
or you might see his already.  
The concept is simple, once you two become friends he can invite you cross realm to his raid/pvp event

Step 5 (optional)
If you were given the leaders BattleTag, go in game and add him as friend, a short message to reveal why you contact him might help, posibly your ilvl and spec if not.

Once you've followed these step, you should be in the position to get an invite to a flex raid run, or a rated battleground, or perhaps an old world raid. Anything goes.

Note:  Managing your new found friends is up to you. You can remove them after the event is over, or you can keep them in your friends list. Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

^___^ Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and good luck in your endeavours. 

The Brotherhood is known for its use of advanced technologies. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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