The Monk class

 The legends speak of amazing fighters from the floating isle. Their true origin was unknown until the mists of Pandaria cleared and a new age began on Azeroth. Where celestial creatures still lived :] and waterspeakers forsaw the coming of the tides of doom.

It took me a while to decide if I should try the new class but eventually my inner fighter instinct listened to its inner calling. 

Monks are masters of weaponless combat who have learned to harness their chi hurt their enemies or heal their friends. While they fight bare-handed, they can (and should!) equip weapons: they can use fist weapons, one-handed axes, one-handed maces, one-handed swords, polearms, and staves and can dual-wield one-handed weaponry. They use cloth and leather armor and, though monks originated in Pandaria (and you'll need the Mists of Pandaria expansion to play one), the class is open to pandaren, dwarf, human, blood elf, tauren, undead, draenei, gnome, night elf, orc, and troll.
They're a true hybrid class who can tank (brewmaster monks), heal (mistweaver monks), and DPS (windwalker monks). For resources, monks have health, energy (for brewmasters and windwalkers), mana (for mistwalkers), and chi. Chi is unique resource to monks: you have four possible points of it and start combat with zero. Some of your attacks will generate chi while others will use it, meaning monks take careful resource balancing.

You want to tank? Monks can do that with the brewmaster talent specialization. Heal? Try the mistweaver. DPS? That's the windwalker. Monks can do just about everything the game has to offer. This makes the class a great one for players who aren't sure what they want to do in the game or who like to be flexible rather than sticking to one particular game role.
Monks aren't the only hybrid class, it's true: both druids and paladins can also tank, heal, or DPS as well. Even if you aren't keen on a full hybrid class, you can still get flexibility from warriors and death knights (who can both tank and DPS), while priests and shamans (can both heal and DPS). Even pet classes like hunters and warlocks can do some tanking in addition to their usual damage-dealing roles. So, clearly, flexibility isn't the only reason to choose a monk. But if you're looking for flexibility, monks are an excellent option.

A complete guide on the class can be found here for those interested:

I find it to be one of the coolest classes ever made by Blizzard. Somehow it reminded me of this movie

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