Distress beacon

Warning! Warning! Dangerous Felforces detected.  The Brotherhood of Steel is needed to counter Legion invasions all throughout the Broken Isles.

Take flight and counter these dangers.

While we battle within the Nighthold, reports indicated The Tomb of Sargeras is teeming with activity as well. A campaign to assault it is under way... but a key element is missing, Guldan must be defeated and llidan's soul must be reedemed.

Nighthold courtyard lieutenants engaged..

Difficulty level Mythic..

Spellblade Aluriel

Star Augur Etraeus

High Botanist Tel'arn



This is a Brotherhood of Steel distress beacon. Take flight and meet us at the Nighthold breach each Wednsday, Thursday & Sunday from 19:45 till 22:00 to neutralize the threats.

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