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This category contains the guild Legion progress and ocasional guild news, it will keep a history of the adventures and acomplishements of the amazing people from <The Brotherhood of Steel>.

Distress beacon

Warning! Warning! Dangerous Felforces detected.  The Brotherhood of Steel is needed to counter Legion invasions all throughout the Broken Isles.

Take flight and counter these dangers.

While we battle within the Nighthold, reports indicated The Tomb of Sargeras is teeming with activity as well. A campaign to assault it is under way... but a key element is missing, Guldan must be defeated and llidan's soul must be reedemed.

Nighthold courtyard lieutenants engaged..

Difficulty level Mythic..

Spellblade Aluriel

Star Augur Etraeus

High Botanist Tel'arn



This is a Brotherhood of Steel distress beacon. Take flight and meet us at the Nighthold breach each Wednsday, Thursday & Sunday from 19:45 till 22:00 to neutralize the threats.

Mythic Emerald Dream cleared!

Hell yeah! We did it. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!  It wasn't easy !  Some said it wasn't possible, some sadly got burned out and left the race along the way, but we did persevere, we marched on and defeated the greatest challenges the Emerald Nightmare had to offfer, and we made sure everyone in our team had a chance to pass the finish line before this Chapter ended. Thank you Jedi for your courage, focus and dedication. that made this possible, we could have never done it w/o your firey spirits.

As silence steers its voice over the Nightmare, we can only feel as if something is till not right, even though the Dream has been restored to its original beauty

Ysera's spirit now echos in here free of the Old gods taint

The might Ursoc stands now as a great guardian spirit

The great heroes and ancients have been redeemed as well

but something echos in the darkness, the actions of Xavius have set some things in motion and its effect will only be felt later in our Azeroths

"Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire says: Almost completely gone, as if it never existed. But the rift is deep and vast, and somewhere down there it sirs. Something has changed, the last prison weakens. We must prepare."

We can only hope the for the better, and shift our focus back on the journey ahead ...

as the Nighthold is about to be assaulted, and Illidan's body has to be saved from Guldan's corruption.

Dark heart won't die! 5/7 Mythic

Alright  scrubs, you know the story: rumors had it the Dream was being corrupted by forces unknown, the slumbering druids have been battling something called "the Nightmare" for eons until recently they were awakened by Tyrande on second Legion invasion.
So here were are, the Third Legion invasion is taking place and guess what? The Nightmare has made itself manifest and has started spreading into Azeroth. 

The main villain is Xavius, previously a night elf, this fool joined the Legion and was turned into a Saytr by Sargeras himself. The so called "Lord" Xavius had a two-pronged mission when he returned. First, he was to begin converting as many Highborne as possible into satyrs, and second to deliver Malfurion Stormrage to the Legion, he failed both and now he's back ( apparently all demons are eternal ) and he has now plead allegiance to another more sinister force, the Old Gods.

Since Legion started the druids have been ammasing forces into a large campaign to heal Val'sharah and put a stop to the Nightmares corruption that has now made manifest. Great battle ushered in this conflict and even the Mighty dragon aspect Ysera has fallen to it, along other ancients and demigods.

Now its up to us cleanse this madness and so have we been doing so far - we've been pretty busy fighting mythic enemies and progressing in this Emerald Nightmare.

The source of the corruption was located in the form of a creature of Nightmare named Il'gynoth. And it has proven resilient!

This has been the greatest challenge we have faced this far. We have went in the creepiest place of them all, The Heart of Corruption and all fought exemplary, except for Redespo, who literally lost it ( they must've got him as they were wearing his favorited color )

We're proud to annouce we've vanished this foe from the face of Azeroth! ( 5/7 Mythic reached )

And what remains now is to clear the corruption left behind by this foul thing and slay Xavius once and for all.  Congratulations heroes, lets us push forward and cleanse Cenarius from this Madness!

Emerald Nightmare Mythic reached!

Heroicly our second raid team has reached and killed the spider boss, Elerethe Renferal on heroic, thus scoring 4/7 HC boss kills per week.

Meanwhile our Mythic team has breached the Nightmare and defeated Nythendra.

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